General Surgery

Ana sayfa / General Surgery
General Surgery

General Surgery


  • Laparoscopic – Endoscopic surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery: Obesity surgeries (Tubal stomach – sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass.)
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary Surgery
  • Endocrine Surgery: Thyroid, Breast, Adrenal Surgery
  • Hernia Surgery: Abdominal wall, surgery site, belly, inguinal hernias
  • Anal Region diseases: Hemorrhoids, Fistula, Fissure, Abscess, Tumor, Incgrown hair
  • All kinds of Minor Surgical Interventions: Abscess drainage, biopsy, thin and thick needle biopsies, ultrasound-guided biopsies

Laparoscopic Surgery

It is a surgical method using camera and microsurgical instruments that are entered into the abdomen through holes of 0.5 cm-1 cm by using modern technical facilities.


This method can be used in most diseases of the organs of the abdomen. Compared to classical surgery, the advantages of this method are:

  • A painless postoperative process
  • Quick recovery
  • Resuming work quickly
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • No surgery scarring
  • Avoiding a surgery site hernia in the future.

The surgeries we perform using this method:

  • Gallbladder stone, tumor and bile duct operations
  • Obesity Surgery
  • Liver cysts, hydatid cysts, liver tumor biopsy and operations
  • Abdominal wall hernias, (Surgery hernias, umbilical hernia, groin and thigh hernia, recurrent hernias)
  • Gastric and intestinal perforation, appendicitis operations, antireflux, gastric hernia surgery in reflux disease
  • Small and large intestine cancer, tumor and inflammatory diseases
  • Spleen Surgery Diagnostic laparoscopy (Video-endoscopic examination of the abdomen in undiagnosed diseases, biopsy, lavage, etc.) laparoscopy. Feeding tube insertion into the stomach (Gastrostomy) Placing a Peritoneal Dialysis catheter for dialysis