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osteotomy surgery in Turkey

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Osteotomy surgery in Turkey stands as a beacon of hope for many struggling with misaligned or damaged bone structures. Whether one requires intervention in the knee, nose, or foot, or for dental purposes, this surgical procedure promises a pathway to improved function and pain alleviation. At Avicenna International Hospital, we understand the intricacies of these procedures and the profound impact they have on our patients’ lives.

Understanding Osteotomy Surgery in Turkey

At its core, osteotomy surgery in Turkey is a transformative process designed to shorten, lengthen, or realign bones. Our highly skilled surgeons perform this operation to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis or to rectify bones that have healed incorrectly post-fracture. By strategic removal and sometimes the addition of bone tissue, we’re able to reshape and realign bones to their optimal anatomy, offering a pivotal step towards healing and functionality.

Osteotomy Knee Surgery

When exploring osteotomy surgery in Turkey for knee-related issues, one notable procedure is the high tibial surgery. By realigning the knee joint, this surgery redistributes weight across the knee, thereby alleviating discomfort and prolonging the joint’s functionality.

Osteotomy of the Nose and Foot

Osteotomy techniques in Turkey extend beyond the knee region; they are equally transformative when applied to the nose and foot. The meticulous recontouring of the nasal bone can correct aesthetic and functional deviations, while a foot osteotomy endeavours to rectify issues like flat feet or abnormal arches, restoring balance and alleviating discomfort.

Jaw Osteotomy

Jaw osteotomy, also known as orthognathic surgery, is meticulously orchestrated to correct irregularities in the jaw alignment, significantly impacting chewing, speaking, and breathing. It’s often synchronized with orthodontic treatments to tackle more profound discrepancies that braces alone cannot correct. Patients undergoing this surgery can expect an integrated approach to reestablish functional balance and aesthetic symmetry in their facial structure.

Chin Osteotomy

Chin osteotomy, or mentoplasty, is a specialized procedure intended to reshape the chin for improved facial harmony. This can extend or reduce the size of the chin, offering a solution to those with a receding or excessively prominent chin. This surgical reconfiguration not only enhances one’s facial profile but can also contribute to a more balanced bite and jaw alignment.

Elbow Osteotomy

Elbow osteotomy targets angular deformities within the arm that can result from injury or congenital conditions. Additionally, by realigning the elbow joint, the procedure aims to restore the arm’s natural range of motion and reduce any pain or functional limitations. Furthermore, the precision of the surgical technique is critical in ensuring the joint’s stability and preserving the intricate workings of the elbow’s articulation.

Spinal Osteotomy

Spinal osteotomy is a substantial intervention often reserved for severe spinal deformities such as scoliosis or kyphosis when nonsurgical options fail to provide relief or halt progression. In this intricate procedure, bone is removed or reshaped to allow for the realignment of the spine. This surgical manoeuvre is aimed not just at improving posture but also at alleviating pain and preventing further degenerative changes.

Hip Osteotomy

A hip osteotomy is undertaken to correct misalignments or structural abnormalities of the hip joint, often associated with dysplasia or arthritis. In this context, this preventive measure helps in distributing weight more evenly across the hip joint, potentially delaying the need for hip replacement surgery. Moreover, precision in these procedures ensures the longevity of the hip’s function and the patient’s mobility.

Dental Osteotomy

Dental osteotomies can drastically improve the alignment of teeth and jaws, correcting overbites, underbites, and jaw discrepancies, contributing to a functional bite and a harmonious smile.

Considering the Right Candidates for Osteotomy Surgery in Turkey

While osteotomy offers immense therapeutic benefits, it’s crucial to identify appropriate candidates for the procedure. Significant indicators may include age considerations, localized bone degeneration, and the potential for enhanced quality of life post-surgery.

The Journey to Recovery

Post-surgery, the focus shifts to recovery, a period varying depending on the complexity of the procedure and the individual’s health. Generally, osteotomy surgery in Turkey’s recovery time can extend from several weeks to months, with progressive physical therapy as a crucial component for a successful outcome.

Osteotomy Surgery Risks in Turkey

With any surgical intervention, risks are an inherent part. Osteotomy surgery, despite its benefits, is no exception. Potential complications include infection, nerve damage, blood loss, or reactions to anaesthesia. The intricacy of repositioning bones also presents the risk of nonunion or delayed healing of the bone. These risks underscore the necessity for a thorough pre-surgical evaluation and a robust postoperative plan to mitigate potential complications.

Healing Process

The healing process following an osteotomy is gradual and demands dedication to post-surgical care. Initial healing typically involves a period of immobilization, where the operated region must be protected. This is followed by a tailored physical therapy program to restore movement and strength. Throughout the healing journey, monitoring for signs of proper bone union through imaging studies is crucial. Nutrition, including adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, and avoidance of tobacco products are pivotal to promoting bone healing.

Osteotomy Surgery in Turkey Cost

At Avicenna International Hospital, we recognize the importance of transparent financial discussions. Although osteotomy surgery costs in Turkey can vary widely based on the specific procedure and the personalized care required, our staff is dedicated to providing clear cost structures and insurance guidance to alleviate any financial uncertainties.

Our Certifications

Our certification by renowned healthcare authorities is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Avicenna International Hospital is not just a place for treatment; it’s a sanctuary with cutting-edge technology.

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

Our institution prides itself on the success stories woven through our history. Notably, genuine patient testimonials reflect the life-altering outcomes achieved with osteotomy surgery. Furthermore, each narrative underscores the technical proficiency of our team and the emotional resilience of our patients.

Avicenna International Hospital: Your Destination for Osteotomy Excellence

Avicenna International Hospital is dedicated to providing unparalleled care in orthopaedic surgeries such as osteotomy procedures. With our advanced surgical techniques and patient-centred approach, we ensure those requiring osteotomy receive the highest standard of treatment. For further details or to schedule a consultation, please contact us. We are committed to aiding in your journey towards improved health and mobility.

What are the indications for considering osteotomy?

Indications predominantly revolve around bone misalignment due to congenital factors, post-traumatic healing, or degenerative joint conditions necessitating structural intervention.

Can osteotomy surgery benefit those at an advanced age?

Age is a consideration, but overall health and bone quality are pivotal in determining candidacy for osteotomy.

What is the difference between osteotomy and ostectomy?

While both osteotomy and ostectomy are bone surgery procedures, osteotomy involves reshaping or realigning a bone, while ostectomy involves removing a portion of a bone. The difference lies in their purpose, technique, area affected, and recovery time.


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