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Treatment Begins By Respecting Life

Avicenna Hospital, spread over a 10000 m2 area, classified as A1 group of hospitals in the health care system, has opened it’s do- ors to provide a full range of services, in Fall 1998.

It is a modern- built, brand new hospital with 14 adult intensive care, 12 neonatal intensive care and in total 100 bed capacity. Avicenna, provides comprehensive emergency care, full equip- ped labs, 4 OR operating rooms equipped with the latest techno- logy where almost all kind of medical surgeries are conducted.

Avicenna Hospital, as an establishment that brings together mo- dern technology with high level medical services within a res- pectful yet warm and patient–centered atmosphere. Top priority for Avicenna is satisfaction of patients’ needs and meeting the highest standards of medical treatment. Hence, Avicenna Hospi- tal, is proud of its highly trained and dedicated staff.

Avicenna Hospital does not compromise on quality even though the services are provided within reasonable fees.

  • Avicenna International Hospital (Istanbul Atasehir Avicenna Hospital)
  • Istanbul Esenler Avicenna Hospital
  • Istanbul Gultepe Avicenna Hospital
  • Istanbul Kartaal Avicenna Hospital
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