Stomach Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Stomach Cancer Treatment in Turkey

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Turkey is increasingly recognized as a premier destination for stomach cancer treatment, combining top-tier medical expertise with cost-effective treatment options. This combination draws many patients from Europe, Asia, and beyond, who seek both quality care and affordability.

Understanding Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, begins when healthy cells in the stomach become abnormal and grow uncontrollably. This cancer typically develops slowly over many years, and it often goes unnoticed because early-stage symptoms can be vague and easily mistaken for common digestive issues.

Key Points in the Development of Stomach Cancer

Origination: Most stomach cancers start in the mucosa, the innermost lining of the stomach, and can spread through the walls of the stomach into other organs and lymph nodes.

Risk Factors: Common risk factors include chronic infection with H. pylori bacteria, long-term inflammation of the stomach, smoking, a diet high in salty and smoked foods, and a family history of the disease.

Symptoms: Early symptoms may include indigestion, stomach discomfort, and a bloated feeling after eating. As the cancer progresses, symptoms can escalate to nausea, weight loss, vomiting, and visible swelling in the stomach area.

Detection and Diagnosis: Stomach cancer is often diagnosed through endoscopic exams, biopsy procedures, and imaging tests to determine the extent and stage of the cancer.

    Accurate Diagnosis for Gastric Cancer

    Stomach cancer diagnosis in Turkey utilizes state-of-the-art medical technology, ensuring that each diagnosis is precise and timely. Advanced diagnostic tools available in Turkish hospitals include:

    Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

    • Combines endoscopy and ultrasound to assess stomach health and surrounding lymph nodes accurately.

    Virtual Chromoendoscopy with I-scan Technology

    • Enhances visualization, allowing for detailed examination of the stomach lining to detect early signs of cancer.

    Genetic Testing

    • Determines susceptibility based on family history, guiding preventive care and early treatment interventions.

      Modern Technologies Included in International Treatment Protocols

      Turkey’s adoption of international treatment protocols involves innovative technologies such as laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. These minimally invasive techniques ensure precise tumour removal with reduced recovery times, exemplifying the modern approach to stomach cancer care.

      Stomach Cancer Treatment in Turkey: Types of Operations

      Turkish medical centres offer a variety of surgical options tailored to the patient’s specific needs:

      Endoscopic Resection (ER)

      • Ideal for early-stage cancers confined to the stomach’s mucous layer.

      Subtotal Gastrectomy

      • Involves the removal of the cancer-affected part of the stomach while preserving as much of the organ as possible.

      Total Gastrectomy

      • Necessary for extensive stomach cancers, where the entire stomach is removed and continuity of the gastrointestinal tract is restored through reconstruction techniques.

        Comprehensive Treatment of Stomach Cancer in Turkey

        The comprehensive approach in Turkish medical facilities typically integrates several therapeutic modalities including:

        Systemic Chemotherapy

        • Utilized to shrink tumours pre-surgery and eliminate residual cancer cells post-operatively.

        Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)

        • Administered during surgery to target and destroy cancer cells directly within the abdomen, improving long-term outcomes.

        Radiation Therapy

        • Used to control the growth of cancer cells, often in combination with chemotherapy.

        Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy

        • Focus on specific cellular pathways and boosting the body’s immune response against cancer cells, respectively.

          Price of Treatment of Stomach Cancer in Turkey

          Offering competitive pricing, Turkish hospitals provide comprehensive packages that often include diagnostics, treatment procedures, and post-operative care—making advanced healthcare accessible to a broader audience.

          How to Organize Gastric Cancer Treatment in Turkey

          To facilitate the treatment journey for international patients, services include:

          • Comprehensive consultation and evaluation.
          • Coordination of all logistics from travel to accommodation and hospital appointments.
          • Continuous support throughout the treatment process.

          Gastric Cancer Treatment in Istanbul

          Istanbul houses some of the world’s best-equipped clinics, recognized for both their technological prowess and the exceptional expertise of their medical personnel. Patients receive care from top oncologists renowned for their innovative approaches and successful treatment outcomes.

          Avicenna International Hospital

          At Avicenna International Hospital, we prioritize your health and recovery by providing personalized care plans and access to the latest treatments for stomach cancer in Turkey. We understand the challenges faced by our patients and strive to ensure that each individual receives the utmost care and support.

          For more information or to schedule a consultation at Avicenna International Hospital, please contact us.

          What is the survival rate for stomach cancer patients treated in Turkey?

          Survival rates vary depending on the cancer stage at diagnosis and the types of treatment administered. Early-stage cancers have a higher prognosis when treated effectively.

          What are the follow-up procedures post-treatment?

          Follow-up typically includes routine scans, blood tests, and consultations to monitor health status and detect any signs of recurrence promptly.

          How long is the recovery period after surgery?

          Recovery varies by type of surgery; minimally invasive approaches offer shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times compared to traditional surgeries.


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          Table of Contents

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