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25 Years of Experienc

We do the hair transplantation in a sterile operation room in healthy environment to protect from any possible complications.


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All the doctors and medical staff are experienced and specialist.


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The most modern hair transplantation techniques are presented with devices that are the latest versions of developed hair transplantation technologies.

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Hair loss can be caused by Hormonal, Genetic, or Aging.
It is common more in men than women, substantially it is an inconvenience.
It can create a lack of self-confidence in people and cause psychological problems.
The development of hair transplant techniques in recent years has begun to produce satisfied results and
It has enabled people to re-get their natural appearance.

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Permanent Results

With the advanced hair transplant techniques of Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center, your new hair will be with you forever.

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Natural Appearance

The transplanted hair provides a 100% natural appearance for all the hair on the scalp.

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Affordable Prices

With our affordable price, you do not need to be rich to have the maximum graft hair transplantation.

Why Avicenna?

  • 100% Patient Satisfaction.
    Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center offers a Lifetime Guarantee Certificate to all the patients who have hair transplantation in the Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center.
  • The right solution for your needs.
    We do hair transplantation with a treatment plan suitable for people of all ages and both genders.
  • Patient-Focused Structure.
    We take care of our patients by arranging picking up from the Airport, arrange accommodation, plan for the meals, transportation between hotel and hospital, and picking up to the airport.
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With you on every step


Our patients who come from abroad, travel in Turkey, passports process, in-city transport, communications, things such as consular process, we provide information services in patient native language.


VIP Transfer

VIP Transfer

Picking up the patient from the airport to the accommodation place, and transportation between the hospital and the hotel are carried out with the quality of Avicenna Hospital.




You have no worries about accommodation! We make all the arrangements for you. We arrange accommodation for you at the luxury hotel within walking distance of the hospital, including breakfast.


25 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics and Surgery,

Avicenna for Health and AESTHETICS;

Since 1992, the Avicenna Hospital are established as one of Turkey’s most well established private health care organizations that provide health services continues with four hospitals in Istanbul.

4 hospitals
300+ employees
150B+ number of patients
500B+ procedure

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Everything you need to know about Hair transplantation from A-Z

  • Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center

    Hair Transplantation Istanbul Avicenna Hospital’s specialist staff is a solution to the hair problems. With affordable hair transplant prices, our hospital stands side by side with the patients after hair transplantation. Our experts on hair transplant center continue and keep answer all questions of their patients.

  • Painless Hair Transplantation

    Like all other known surgical operations, painless hair transplantation operation is a procedure that should be performed in the operation room environment. Hair Transplant prices are also very affordable in Istanbul Avicenna Hospital. Intense efforts are made to ensure that this procedure is completed in the most comfortable way and that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The Anesthesia is normally done by a needle and it makes for one time pain. There is an anesthesia device called comfort-in is used to reduce this pain to zero. With this device, the anesthetic drug will be injected under the skin without using a needle. And the painless process is keeping followed from the beginning to the end of the procedure.

  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

    Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is not a procedure like other hair transplantation procedures, and the risk of pain, scarring, infection and bleeding during and after the surgery is minimized with Sapphire FUE . The technique made with the sapphire tip obtained from the crystal stone of the naturally occurring sapphire element is called SAPPHIRE FUE hair transplantation. The Sapphire FUE technique is the technique used to open the hair transplantation channels. Channels are opened with crystal tips and the channels are opened without damaging the skin tissue. The fact that it does not damage the tissue also speeds up the healing process. Appropriate hair transplant results are obtained.

  • DHI Hair Transplantation

    DHI hair transplant is a hair transplant technique that has been widespread since 2014. This procedure also known as the pen technique, it is the transfer of the grafts taken from the donor area by FUE method to the area to be transplanted by placing them in special medical pens called “IMPLANT”. In the DHI hair transplantation method, grooving and hair transplantation are performed at the same time, thus minimize the waiting time of the follicles taken from the neck outside. DHI hair transplantation technique is a method that allows transplantation without cutting the existing hair. With this technique, the recovery process is faster.

  • Sedation Hair Transplantation

    Sedation hair transplantation is recommended for patients who think that they may experience anxiety, fear and pain during hair transplantation. Sedation is a type of anesthesia. Sedation has pain relieving and relaxing effect. This method, which is suitable for patients who have hair transplantation in a hospital environment, is performed by an anesthesiologist. During and after the hair transplant, a slight sleepiness occurs in the patient. The consciousness of the patient is clear throughout the procedure and a little feeling of relaxation occurs. It can be applied in all hair transplant methods regardless of DHI or Safir FUE. It is the ideal method for those who want to transplant hair with a dream taste.

  • Unshaved Hair Transplantation

    Today, the most preferred aesthetic operation for men is undoubtedly hair transplantation. Hair style is also a very important issue for every man. In the past, shaving the hair before hair transplantation caused many men to hesitate to have a hair transplant. With the development of today’s technologies, unshaved hair transplantation has become possible and this method is successfully applied in Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center.

  • Comfort FUE Hair Transplantation

    A medical device called Dermojet is used in Comfort FUE hair transplantation. This device numbs the scalp of the patient without needles by giving anesthesia with pressure. Then the patient does not feel any pain or ache throughout the operation. Hair transplantation with painless anesthesia can also be called Comfort FUE method.

  • Eyelash Transplantation

    Eyelash transplantation, which it is increasing all over the world is successfully applied in Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center. It should not be forgotten that the beauty of eyelashes is very important not only for appearance but also for eye health.

  • Mustache Transplantation

    The most important factor for men to create their own image is undoubtedly their mustache. Anyone who does not have a mustache or he is disturbed by the appearance of their mustache can have a mustache transplant with Avicenna Hair Transplantation Center.

  • Beard Transplantation

    The beard which has been in fashion with different models in every period of history, is an important element for every man. Any man who can not grow a beard, or he is not satisfied with the shape of his beard or does not have a beard on a certain part of his face due to a trauma can have a beard transplant.

  • Eyebrow Transplantation

    Regular eyebrows of women cause an embarrassment over time. As the eyebrows lose their volume and thickness in their youth, women prefer to have eyebrow transplantation.

  • Hair Mesotherapy

    Hair Mesotherapy which is preferred for hair loss or thinning of hair, it is an application that gives very fast results. It has been confirmed by the American Health Organization that it stops hair loss and enables thinning hair to regain strength.

  • Hair Transplantation Results

    Hair transplant technologies are increasing and developing day by day and accordingly, success rates in hair transplantation results are increasing.

  • Fiber Hair Transplantation

    This method, also known as artificial hair transplantation, is preferred by patients with insufficient neck and body hair. Although it was seen as a promising method in the first years, it has become an unused method over time due to the infection and inflammations it created after the procedure.

  • Ice Hair Transplantation

    The main feature of ice hair transplantation is that the hair follicles taken from the patient are kept and protected in a cold solution before the transplantation. The strength of the hair follicles kept in this cold solution increases and their life is prolonged.

  • FUT Hair Transplantation

    FUT hair transplantation is a technique that has been done intensively for a period but has been replaced by FUE hair transplantation today. In this technique, while grafts are taken, the surrounding skin is also incised. This causes bleeding and scarring in the donor area. 20% of the hair follicles taken in the FUT technique are wasted.

  • Donor Area

    Although body hair can be used as donor in hair transplantation, it is not preferred unless it is obliged to do so. The nape between the two ears is accepted as a donor area all over the world. Because the nape is considered the best donor area.

  • Failed Hair Transplantation Repair

    Patients who do not have a natural appearance, which they do not have sufficient in hair density, or have the image of a grass man, have a cobblestone appearance, have excessive scars and have unnatural frontal hair a transplantation means that they have unsuccessful hair transplantation. Hair transplant repair is performed in our center for patients who had unsuccessful hair transplantation.

  • Body Hair Transplantation

    In cases where the hair follicles in the nape area are not sufficient for hair transplantation, hair transplantation from body hair may be needed. Hair roots can be taken from all areas such as beard, chest, arm, leg and back.

  • Choi Implanter Hair Transplantation

    In the Choi Implanter technique, no incision marks are formed. Hair follicles are taken by the FUE method. Unlike this, the channel method is used. In this case, a dense hair transplant can be performed by both transplantation and channel opening.

  • Organic Hair Transplant

    Organic hair transplantation is the application of the tissue taken from the patient to the bald skin by stem cell injection. In this way, the area will be transplanted becomes much more ready for transplantation.

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