Gastric Band: Is it the Best Weight Loss Surgery?

Gastric Band: Is it the Best Weight Loss Surgery?

Gastric Band surgery is a frequent form of bariatric surgery for overweight or obese patients. This treatment is also known as lap band surgery. It works by helping you feel full sooner, causing you to eat less and, as a consequence, lose weight.


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What is Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric band operation is a procedure that includes wrapping an adjustable silicone band around the top part of the stomach. It is done under general anaesthesia. The procedure’s goal is to reduce the food amount you can eat. Anything you eat or drink rests above the band before it combines with saliva and passes through the stomach. As a result, eating might take up to three times as long. The efficacy of the band will be evaluated in an 8-12-week round of follow-up and replenished if necessary. It’s a technique to inject more saline solution into the port. The liquid then pours inside the ring, tightening it up.

Who can have a Lap-Band Operation?

If your BMI is greater than 40, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding may assist you in achieving long-term weight loss. Weight loss surgery may also be beneficial if your BMI is over 35 and you have additional medical issues such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. Also, it’s a suitable procedure if there are no current health issues that might put you in danger. It’s a means of managing eating amounts and obtaining long-term results for those who struggle to lose weight by dieting and exercising.

Before deciding if surgery is right for you, your bariatric surgeon will check your BMI and conduct an examination. You Can also check it yourself with our BMI calculator.

Gastric Band Operation Before and After

Before the procedure, a surgeon, psychologist, and nutritionist will evaluate you. They will do examinations to see if you are a good candidate for the process. If you are a good candidate for gastric band surgery, you will be given a diet for two weeks before your operation. It will assist in reducing the size of your liver. You will also lose weight, which may reduce the risk of experiencing major issues during the procedure. you are not allowed to smoke a few weeks before the operation, because it raises the chance of getting a blood clot or an infection.

After the surgery, you will be placed in a recovery room. You’ll be able to drink water whenever you need it after you’re awake. You will also be given medicines to help you cope with any pain or discomfort you may have. you will be discharged within 24 hours after the treatment, and your surgeon will offer you some recommendations that you must follow to recover as quickly as possible.

 In the first year following gastric band surgery, the patients lose around 40% of their extra body weight.


If the procedure goes well, you should be able to lose weight in the long- term. The following are some of the benefits of laparoscopic gastric banding:

  • The procedure is reversible, with no lasting modifications to the stomach.
  • When compared to other forms of weight loss surgery, it’s minimally invasive with a lower risk of consequences.
  • It can help with a variety of obesity-related co-morbid disorders.
  • The recovery period after the treatment is usually short, and the physical scars produced by the surgery are minimal.


Complications from gastric band surgery include the following:

  • Port or tubing malfunction
  • Stomal Obstruction
  • Band erosion
  • Pouch dilation
  • Port inflexion

Avicenna International Hospital does not perform this weight-loss operation due to the complication risks involved. To discover other bariatric performed in our hospital surgeries such as Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve, you can contact Avicenna obesity centre.

Gastric Band Cost

The price of weight loss surgery might vary significantly. The cost of gastric band surgery is around £6000 in the UK while it is cheaper in Turkey and it costs about £2000.

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