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The Diet And nutrition department of Avicenna hospitals provides nutritional and diet programs to improve public knowledge about healthy eating and to assist patients in their rehabilitation. Dietitians work cooperatively with patients and healthcare staff to achieve maximal wellness.


Dietitians are qualified medical professionals that evaluate, diagnose, and cure nutritional disorders by informing patients and providing them with practical, personalized guidance to improve their health. However, to inform their guidance, they apply well-known procedures to assess the evidence base, which encompasses all types of information and research.

Nutrition & Diet Department Offered Services

Avicenna Hospitals group diet and nutrition department develops specific nutritional therapy for diseases in children, adults, and pregnant women. Our hospitals implement disease-specific diagnostic and therapeutic services for inpatients and outpatients. The following are some of the areas offered by the department:


The importance of food and lifestyle habits in diabetes control cannot be underestimated. Dietitians should teach patients about the diabetic diet necessities and let them make their diet and lifestyle which may help patients lose weight and protect them from long-term heart disease.

Weight control diet

Being overweight is an abnormal increase of fat in the body and is considered a disease that must be treated. It can be managed by a healthy diet program given by the dietitian. This diet and nutrition plan can be low calorie or high protein or other known diets like celebrity diet programs for losing weight.

Pregnancy diet and nutrition

The pregnancy diet is to arrange a nutrition program to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy and to prevent health concerns that may occur in the baby. This diet doesn’t prevent weight gain during pregnancy but to gain weight healthily and regularly. The main point here is to consider the health status of both the baby and the mother. After birth, this diet is to lose the weight gained during pregnancy more easily and quickly, as well as to prevent the baby from being born overweight. The body mass index of mothers is very important for weight gain during pregnancy. If a mother-to-be gets pregnant when she is under her ideal weight, she should pay attention to weight gain in this process. The health of the baby is proportional to the healthy weight gain of the mother who conceived below her ideal weight. The same is true for the opposite condition.

Athletes’ diet

Athlete diet and nutrition are as important as a sport. Athletes need to strengthen weak muscles. To strengthen weak muscles, it is necessary to apply the right athlete’s diet system. If the human body does not get enough nutrition while doing sports, it will never develop. Athletes have to get the right nutrients with the diet they will apply. In addition, people who do sports need more calories than normal people. Athletes have to obtain these calories by eating protein-based diets. Sugar and carbs include calories as well, but these foods are never appropriate for athletes.

Allergy diet

Food intolerances affect people from childhood. As a result, allergic people must pay attention to diet and nutrition from early age. Because nutrition and diet professionals eliminate specific items from the diet related to food allergies.

Personal balanced diet and nutrition

A personal diet is necessary for a nutrition plan to be healthy, balanced, and sufficient for anybody. Dieticians at Avicenna Hospitals develop a diet plan with a variety of parameters, including gender, height, weight, age, blood test results, and food behaviors.


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