laboratuvar hizmetleri

The laboratory is one of Avicenna Hospital’s departments for offering the best medical treatment to its patients. All in all offering a variety of services and tests, the Laboratory keeps its focus on accomplishing its objectives and goals with the help of its skilled staff.

The laboratory department of Avicenna hospital has made it a goal to think about human health, and is constantly renewing and catching up with time. The automation system, which is the priority to be a trusted laboratory, is available at Avicenna Hospitals. Thanks to this system, the follow-up of the patients is done very easily and the test results are concluded quickly. In a word, the primary goal of the expert team in the laboratory is to give the most accurate and reliable results.

The services provided by the clinical laboratory

Along with all the developments in modern medical science, the concept of evidence-based medicine has also gained certainty. In other words, diagnosis and treatment of disease are possible by using clinical data together with laboratory data. The laboratory department of Avicenna Hospitals provides 24-hour service and all emergency tests can be reported to the doctor and patient in a short time. Our department offers the following services:

Biochemical laboratory

A large variety of standard and specialized laboratory examinations of the urine, blood, and other biological samples are provided by the Department of the biochemical laboratory at Avicenna Hospital. Specifically, the Department carries out hematological analyses in addition to the analysis of hormones, Down Syndrome tests, enzymes, Allergy Tests, electrolytes, protein production, systemic inflammation, hemostatic indicators, tumor grade, hepatitis markers, HIV, urine, Cardiac Markers, etc.


It is the unit that performs tests directly to determine the presence of antigens of infectious causes or indirectly to determine the presence of antibodies.


The unit that carries out activities for the examination of microscopic or serological parasites in body fluids such as stool, blood, and urine is parasitology.


It is the unit that performs tests for the recognition of these fungi in the process of reproduction of fungi that can cause disease in the human body. This laboratory unit can also perform tests to determine fungicide susceptibility.


Virology is a branch of science that studies viruses and the details of viruses. In Avicenna Hospitals, virology studies are carried out by experts in their fields. As a result, all the details of viruses are examined and their methods of entry into cells are investigated. In this way, the details of how it causes the disease are the goal of examination.

Hematology Laboratory

Doctors use hematology tests to diagnose blood disorders and choose the appropriate treatment plan. Moreover, tests to determine blood count, sedimentation, smear, bleeding, and coagulation problems are performed in the Hematology Laboratory.


Among the significant tests in the laboratory are hormone examinations. Therefore Hormones are vital for the body’s operation and crucial for the proper growth of metabolism and healthy body composition. Reproductive hormones, thyroid hormones, specific hormones, and vitamins are studied in the Hormone Laboratory Department. In this section, the whole system is also examined for the presence of cancer. In this context, the signs of tumors in the blood can be checked.

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