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Our aim at Avicenna International Hospital is to assist all of our patients with both diagnostic and treatment of oral and dental health.

The oral and dental health department provides the appropriate medical help for conditions affecting the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw area. The oral and dental health department offers the essential health service and considers the patient’s complaint before doing the required tests. The doctor must evaluate the patient’s medical history. The patient’s information and the results of the tests are taken into consideration while making the diagnosis.

Oral and Dental Health Department Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Dental Implants

Missing teeth are completed by placing titanium-based artificial roots in the jawbones of patients, who have lost their natural teeth due to various reasons such as trauma, gum disease, and decay, and placing fixed or removable dentures on them. In order to replace a tooth lost in a bridge prosthesis prepared by conventional methods, two or more teeth must be abraded.

In dentures on implants, restorations are achieved by obtaining support from the implants placed directly on the region where teeth are missing. While completing the missing teeth, the neighboring healthy teeth and jaw bone are also preserved. The implant replaces the actual tooth to form a natural structure.

The patient, who is planned to undergo implant treatment, is subjected to clinical and radiographic examinations. As a result of these investigations, the type, diameter, and length of the implant to be applied, and then the type of the prosthesis is decided. The fusion of the implants to the bone varies from person to person or according to the area to which they are applied. This period is referred to as the recovery period. Finally, after the recovery period is completed, the prosthesis phase is started, and the planned fixed or removable denture is fitted on the patient.


Treatments for canals are performed at this part of the oral and dental health department. The dental pulp, or soft inner tissue of a tooth, is the subject of this dental specialty concerned. Treated problems in endodontics are Root canal treatment, Endodontic re-treatment, and Endodontic surgery

Pediatric Dentistry(Pedodontics)

Pedodontics is a branch of oral and dental health that deals with the diseases and treatment of teeth in children. Applications protecting against caries, the restorative and canal treatment of caries on milk and permanent teeth, preventive methods against periodontal diseases, and early treatment of malocclusion are some of the areas of focus. When caries occur, the cause should be determined and the health of the child’s other teeth should be protected. Fluorine application and fissure sealants ensure that the teeth are more resistant to caries. Hence children should be taken to the dentist from young age to help them overcome their fear. Also, parents should learn what they should do to keep their children’s dental health at the highest level.


This is the field of oral and dental health specialization that prevents the occurrence of disorders. The disorders involve the tooth-jaw-face region and treat the existing disorders. Orthodontic treatment can be applied to individuals of all ages with healthy teeth and gums.

  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Although orthodontic treatments are often thought to be for aesthetic purposes, they actually serve many goals:
  • The correction of crookedness decreases the potential for caries.
  • Gum disease is prevented and treated by restoring teeth.
  • Problems related to chewing may be solved.
  • Joint problems are prevented and complaints are treated.
  • Tooth disorders that can lead to speech disorders are eliminated.

Sometimes, orthodontic treatment can be used as preparation for dentures for the purpose of making better dentures.

Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia

This includes oral and dental health treatments performed in operating after the patient is unconscious and unable to feel pain. When the planned treatments are completed, the administration of the drug is discontinued and the patient starts to wake up.

Dr. Gaye Tok

Dr. Gaye Tok

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