Psychology Department of Avicenna Hospitals provides service through its qualified clinical psychologist team. Psychology is the study of behavior and emotions. It primarily investigates emotions and thoughts, in addition to conscious and unconscious occurrences. Patients who consult with our psychologists at our hospital are offered Various approaches concerning their personal growth and self-knowledge, as well as the spiritual issues they encounter in their life.


A psychologist is a qualified mental health expert who instructs individuals on how to manage their mental health issues in healthy ways. They can assist those going through a challenging condition in life or those with specific Psychology disorders like depression or anxiety. Psychologists’ primary goal while providing psychotherapy and psychological evaluations is to quickly return a person’s health to the way it was. When people apply to a psychologist because they are having issues and don’t feel good in social situations, psychological therapy methods are typically employed as a starting point.

Treated Diseases at the Psychology Department

The psychology department provides services for various conditions, including anxiety, traumatic disorders (PTSD), depression, phobias, attention deficits, and psychological problems that may occur in different cases. Because psychology is such a broad area, it frequently collaborates closely with many other disciplines to study mental functions including emotion, cognition, memories, and experience. It might be said that psychology’s goal is to manage and secure people’s mental health. Psychology has intimate ties to many other disciplines.


Depression is an important Psychology disease that surrounds the individual’s inner world and creates problems such as sadness, reluctance, and lack of pleasure. In today’s society, depression is accepted as the most common psychological illness. It is accepted that almost every person suffers from depression at least once in their life.

Anxiety disorder

There are several subtypes of anxiety disorder. For example, being overly meticulous can be considered an anxiety disorder, while the obsession with controlling one’s environment can be seen as an anxiety disorder. Panic attacks, social phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are also considered anxiety disorders. A qualified psychologist can treat any anxiety problems.

Sexual Problems

Vaginismus, which prevents sexual intercourse in women and impotence in men, maybe hide psychological reasons. Psychological reasons that are the source of sexual problems and psychology diseases caused by sexual problems are also subjects of diagnosis and treatment for psychologists.

Psychological traumas

Processes that develop suddenly, such as an accident, attack, disaster, separation, or divorce experienced by individuals can cause psychological traumas. This situation creates stress disorder in individuals and causes psychology to be of interest. The psychology department of Avicenna Hospitals offers excellent psychological services as well as psychological trauma diagnostic and treatment options.

Nutritional disorder

Anorexia nervosa is described as an extreme preoccupation with one’s physical appearance, including a refusal to eat for this purpose, attempts to induce diarrhea through drugs, or a desire to vomit after meals. On the other hand, bulimia nervosa, which is the opposite of this disease, is considered to be a disease of binge eating attacks and feelings of regret after eating. Both conditions are psychological in nature and can be addressed with the aid of a capable psychotherapist.

Family therapy

Domestic communication issues, coalition and border issues, unspoken emotions, parental awareness, and the development of empathy are all covered in family Psychology therapy programs.

Psychotherapy for children and adolescents

Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy provides various benefits, including mom and dad counseling, psychotherapy for schoolchildren, depression, self-confidence, dealing with exam anxiety, career guidance, relationship issues, and private problems in adolescence. Furthermore, Prior to surgery, pediatric patients get psychosocial Psychology therapy.

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