VII. Turkey Golden Brand Awards Select Avicenna Hospitals Group Once Again

The 7th Turkey Golden Brand Awards once again selected Avicenna Hospitals Group - the moment of receiving the award.

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Avicenna Hospitals Group has been awarded the “Healthcare Brand of the Year” award at the 7th Turkey Golden Brand Awards. Previously, at the 4th Turkey Golden Brand Awards, Avicenna Hospitals Group received three different awards, namely “Health Tourism Brand of the Year,” “Hair Transplantation Center of the Year,” and “Medical Figure of the Year.”

A Magnificent Ceremony

The 7th Turkey Brand Summit / 7th Turkey Golden Brand Awards, sponsored by Maximum Group and organized by BIG Creative Media Organization Inc., took place on 18.05.2023 at Zorlu Center Raffles Hotel in a grand ceremony. The event was hosted by famous model and presenter Ece Erken and renowned presenter Mesut Yar. The ceremony addressed sensitive points related to the recent major earthquake disaster that occurred in our country and paid tribute to the victims.

Many important figures from the business, art, society, and media sectors attended the event. The panel titled “Brands Speak at the Summit” featured speakers such as Berk Cagdas, CEO of Renault MAIS, Erbakan Malkoc, Chairman of Dizayn Vip Group’s Board of Directors, and Hilal Suerdem, Vice Chairman of Kigılı.

Healthcare Brand of the Year Award

The 7th Turkey Golden Brand Awards, which is the most prestigious business and awards night in Turkey, recognized the best of the year. Avicenna Hospitals Group was selected as the “Healthcare Brand of the Year.” Avicenna Hospitals Group, which has received numerous awards in previous years, was once again proudly mentioned this year.

The Special Purpose of the Awards Ceremony

The aim of this event, which aims to increase the recognition of Turkish brands in Turkey and the world and help them reach the position they deserve, was highlighted by Nedim Delibas, Chairman of the Turkey Golden Brand Awards, who said, “The main idea of our summit this year is not only to distribute the most prestigious business and brand awards in Turkey but also to bring together the thought leaders of the business world and draw attention to an important social responsibility. We add a different innovation every year to take the success of this event, which we have organized for the 7th time, even higher. Our goal with the events we organize is for Turkey’s global brands to meet successful local brands.

This is where the importance of the awards comes into play. I congratulate all the brands that received awards at the ceremony and wish them continued success.”

Avicenna Hospitals Group, which strives to provide the best treatment to its patients with the latest technologies and new treatment methods, is proud to be worthy of such a special award.


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