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Turkey, a strong connection between Europe and Asia, is known not just for its rich culture, but also for its expertise in offering full health checkups. Avicenna International Hospital in Istanbul epitomizes this expertise with personalized annual health checkups tailored to individual needs. For those considering a health checkup in Turkey, the variety of medical tests and the high standard of care available can contribute significantly to maintaining and improving health. Join Avicenna International Hospital in the vibrant city of Istanbul for an unparalleled health checkup experience.

Why Opt for A Health Checkup?

Preventive health is the gateway to longevity and vitality. Full medical checkups in Istanbul Turkey not only reveal potential health issues before they develop but also provide peace of mind and a clear direction for any necessary medical intervention. Avicenna International Hospital understands the importance of early detection and routine monitoring, and we’re dedicated to providing detailed health assessments designed around you. Our leading-edge diagnostic services utilize innovative technology to deliver accurate and thorough insights into your well-being.In Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, medical facilities have incorporated this philosophy into their core operations, delivering detailed health assessments tailored to individual needs.

Key Health Screening Services

Here at Avicenna, we begin each health journey with an in-depth review of your medical history before proceeding with a series of customized diagnostic tests. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped to run comprehensive blood counts, in-depth cancer marker analyses, and detailed ECGs. These are vital in uncovering any underlying conditions and setting the stage for effective health management.

Key Components of a Health Checkup in Turkey

  • Initial Consultation. A foundational discussion with a medical practitioner sets the stage, delving into your medical past and highlighting areas necessitating particular attention.
  • Diagnostic Testing. Various tests, including advanced imaging and laboratory analyses including blood counts, cancer markers, and ECG, are expertly designed to discover any underlying health concerns.
  • Personalized Health Insights. Post-testing, a comprehensive review and a personalized health management plan are provided, allowing you to make informed decisions about your well-being.

Innovations in Medical Testing

Benefit from the latest advancements in medical science during your checkup. Avicenna Hospital is at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge techniques to ensure your health assessment reflects the best of contemporary medical practices. From genetic screenings to non-invasive imaging, your health checkup will be as modern as it is meticulous.

Holistic Diagnostic Assessments

At Avicenna, we delve into the heart of your health with a complete array of screenings:

  • Blood and Urine Analysis to assess organ function and detect risks.
  • Cancer Screenings that offer the chance for early intervention.
  • Cardiovascular Checkups, including stress tests, to help preempt heart disease.

Patient-Centric Care Philosophy

Our commitment is to you, the patient. Avicenna’s medical expertise is complemented by a compassionate and communicative approach to healthcare. Our personalized care plans and attentive service create a health checkup experience that is as comforting as it is comprehensive.

Affordability Meets World-Class Healthcare

With Avicenna, affordability in healthcare does not compromise quality. Our checkup packages provide an affordable alternative to Western counterparts without skimping on the thoroughness or quality of care. Recognized for excellence by prestigious JCI accreditation, our health services stand as a testament to internationally acknowledged medical standards.

Accredited Medical Excellence

Credibility is the cornerstone of trust in healthcare. Outfitted with JCI accreditation and a plethora of accolades, our facilities are recognized for global standards of healthcare services. So, patient testimonials bear witness to the transformative journeys experienced within our walls, reassured by the stamp of certifiable quality.

Health Checkups for International Visitors in Turkey

Turkey’s standing as a hub for medical tourism is bolstered by its ability to accommodate international visitors seeking health services seamlessly. Moreover, English-speaking staff, culturally sensitive care, and assistance with logistical arrangements are typically part of the health checkup packages offered. This ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for individuals travelling to Turkey for medical purposes.

The Avicenna Health Checkup Process

Prepare for your health checkup at Avicenna with these guidelines for a seamless experience:

  • An 8-hour fast for accurate baselines.
  • Compliance with medication and dietary advice.
  • Providing a complete medical history for better personal insights.
  • Upon arrival, you’ll be guided through a sequence of tests conducted by our expert team, with results swiftly relayed back to you. Every aspect of your visit is coordinated meticulously, ensuring an efficient and restful experience amidst your health evaluation.

The Avicenna International Hospital Experience

Upon visiting Avicenna for a health checkup, patients can expect:

  • Detailed briefings by expert personnel on the check-up process.
  • A suite of laboratory tests followed by detailed physical examinations.
  • Results returned expediently, allowing for prompt evaluation and subsequent health planning.
  • Coordination of appointments and test sequences for a smooth, stress-free experience, including designated times for meals and rest amid test schedules.

Specific Check-Up Packages at Avicenna International Hospital

Avicenna Hospital offers diverse check-up packages, ensuring care is tailored beyond the standard, including:

  • Cardiology Check-Up Package: Specialized cardiac evaluations that include ECG and cardiovascular stress tests.
  • Age and Gender-Specific Check-Ups: Separate, meticulously crafted packages for Men and Women, under and over 40, each containing age and risk-appropriate tests like blood profiles, urinalysis, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests, mammography, and bone densitometry. These packages take into consideration family history, lifestyle factors, and specific health risks.
  • General Health Check-Up: A robust look into your current health status with aid from trained nurses and health advisors, including follow-ups if deemed necessary.

Final Thoughts and Contact Information

Choosing a health checkup in Turkey means selecting a path of proactive health management. Additionally, Avicenna International Hospital stands ready to guide you through this journey with expertise and care. For a detailed understanding of our health checkup packages and to schedule an appointment contact us and take the first step toward long-term well-being.

What tests are included in a standard checkup?

A standard checkup includes blood count, evaluation of organ functions, cancer markers, hepatitis tests, urinalysis, ultrasonography, and ECG, tailored to age and risk factors.

How should I prepare for a health checkup in Turkey?

It is essential to fast for 8 hours before the checkup, avoid certain foods and medications, and refrain from consuming alcohol. Women are advised not to schedule checkups during menstruation.


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