In Vitro Fertilisation in Turkey

In Vitro Fertilisation in Turkey

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Turkish medical advancements have significantly revolutionized the reproduction sector. Highlighted amid these advancements is In Vitro Fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF. IVF in Turkey has emerged as an ideal choice for many seeking infertility solutions due to its impressive success rate, affordable packages, and efficient services.

In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF): A Solution to Infertility

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a medically advanced fertility treatment enables fertilization of an egg outside a woman’s body. Originating several decades ago, IVF continues to assist heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, and single individuals in their journey towards parenthood.

Contrary to natural conception processes, IVF plays out in a controlled medical environment and significantly improves the odds of conception success. This method grants people facing fertility issues, such as damaged fallopian tubes, suboptimal sperm quality, or age-related fertility declines, access to a revolutionary solution.

Understanding Methods of Assisted Reproduction

In Vitro Fertilisation is one among several methods of assisted reproduction, all of which cater to diverse infertility issues. Furthermore, other strategies include intrauterine insemination, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and the use of gestational surrogates, opening up a spectrum of possibilities for intending parents.

Pre-In Vitro Fertilisation Diagnostic Tests in Turkey

Before embarking on the In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) journey in Turkey, several critical tests are conducted to ensure optimal outcomes. These tests are pivotal in identifying any potential barriers to successful fertilization and aid in tailoring bespoke treatment protocols for each patient. Some key pre-IVF tests include:

  1. Test of Ovarian Reserve. This hormonal blood test is carried out to assess the quantity and quality of the eggs within the ovaries. Two crucial hormones play a part in this assessment – Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) indicates the egg count, whereas Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) potentially flags a diminishing ovarian reserve.
  2. Tubal Patency Test. This ultrasound investigation verifies the functioning of the fallopian tubes, i.e., their ability to allow passage of eggs and sperm, which is pivotal for natural conception.
  3. Prolactin Test. This test measures levels of the hormone prolactin, which plays a central role in ovulation regulation. High prolactin levels can obstruct regular ovulation, and hence, this assessment is crucial.
  4. Progesterone Test. Progesterone, a female hormone, plays a critical role in preparing the uterus for embryo implantation. Progesterone levels are monitored as an index of ovulation health and subsequent pregnancy support.
  5. Sperm Evaluation Test. A semen analysis grants insight into sperm health, tracking parameters like sperm count, motility, and morphology. In instances of male-factor infertility, this evaluation guides the selection of specific forms of IVF for improved success rates.
  6. Screening of Infectious Diseases Test. This test is vital to rule out any infectious diseases (such as HIV, Hepatitis B, or C) that could potentially compromise the IVF process or negatively impact patient health.

By meticulously analyzing these test findings, medical experts can map out the most viable treatment path, enhancing IVF success rates and ensuring the overall health and well-being of the patients.

The IVF Process Demystified

In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) broadly includes six core stages:

  1. Fertility Testing and Preimplantation Diagnosis: Prioritizes identifying the root causes of infertility and determining the most effective treatment plan.
  2. Ovarian Stimulation: With the help of prescribed hormones, multiple mature eggs are produced simultaneously to increase the chances of conception.
  3. Harvesting of Eggs: Carried out via vaginal route using an ultrasound guidance system.
  4. Insemination: Sperm is introduced to the mature eggs, resulting in fertilized eggs.
  5. Embryo Transfer: Developed embryos are placed within the uterus.
  6. Pregnancy: Post-embryo transfer, fertilization’s success gets confirmed through a pregnancy test.

This process is managed by a multidisciplinary team of gynaecologists, biologists, psychologists, and nurses, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for intending parents.

Why Choose In Vitro Fertilisation in Turkey, Istanbul?

Istanbul, known for its medical excellence, leads the revolution in Turkey’s IVF sector. Moreover, renowned for high success rates, sterling facilities, and professional expertise, In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) in Turkey, Istanbul, attracts countless individuals seeking fertility solutions globally. This includes patients asking, ‘Has anyone had IVF in Turkey?’

Furthermore, the city is home to numerous top-tier IVF hospitals offering comprehensive Turkey IVF packages. These packages typically include the necessary medical procedures, accommodation, and sometimes even tourism activities. Additionally, Turkey’s IVF hospitals follow international best practices, guaranteeing patients receive the highest level of care.

Contrary to some countries where there’s a considerable waiting time for IVF procedures, Turkish clinics minimize this delay, valuing their patients’ time. Furthermore, despite the impressive services rendered, the In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) Turkey age limit is quite accommodating, extending even to those in their 40s.

Best IVF Hospital in Turkey

Passionately committed to the cause of battling infertility, Avicenna International Hospital stands out among hospitals offering In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) solutions. Endowed with technology, innovation, and medical expertise, this hospital prides itself on aiding thousands to conceive. Notably, In Vitro Fertilisation in Turkey reviews from previous patients confirm Avicenna International Hospital’s high-quality services.

They offer personalized services based on each patient’s condition, leading to favourable Turkey IVF success rates. Additionally, the hospital provides round-the-clock support during the entire IVF process, ensuring that patients are comfortable and well-assisted.

Our IVF Procedures and Success Rate

Avicenna International Hospital adheres to advanced and comprehensive procedures. Through rigorous pretests, we customize each patient’s therapy. Men undergo a detailed semen analysis while women are subject to hormonal tests to assess ovarian function.

Whether it’s low sperm count in men or conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Endometriosis in women, our extensive tests ensure we address any fertility complications effectively.

According to the best IVF hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, IVF’s success rate in Turkey has seen incredible figures. It ranges between 40-50% for young couples and between 25-30% for couples over 40 years of age. Some clinics even report success rates reaching up to 71%!

Reach Out to Us

For more details about IVF procedures, success rates, packages, or any pertinent questions regarding In Vitro Fertilisation in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team at Avicenna International Hospital is always ready to provide any support you need.

Is In Vitro Fertilisation treatment in Turkey safe?

Yes. IVF treatment is safe with minor side effects such as bloating, cramping, constipation, or breast tenderness.

How does the cost of In Vitro Fertilisation in Turkey compare to other countries?

Even with its advanced medical infrastructure and high-quality services, Turkey offers IVF services at rates considerably lower than many European countries and the US.


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