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Knee Replacement in Turkey is a popular medical procedure for patients across the globe seeking effective, high-quality healthcare services. It aims to replace worn-out or damaged parts of the knee joint, thus significantly enhancing the knee’s functionality and reducing pain.



The Complex Structure of the Knee

The knee, a complex joint, consists of three fundamental bones: femur, tibia, and patella, all connected by ligaments—this structure aids in stabilizing the joint and allowing free movement. However, conditions like osteoarthritis can severely damage the knee joint, often beyond the repair capability of conventional medications. In such scenarios, opting for knee replacement surgery can be the most effective solution.

Ideal Patients for Knee Replacement Surgery

Ideal candidates for knee replacement surgery in Turkey are evaluated by experienced surgeons. They evaluate considering factors such as knee strength, stability and range of motion. In addition, diagnostic tools like X-rays help ascertain the extent of joint damage. Various patient-specific factors are considered to decide on the best replacement joints and surgical procedures.

Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis, a condition characterized by inflammation and degeneration of the cartilage of the knee joint, is a significant reason leading to knee replacement. As a result, the progressive wearing away of the cartilage increases bone friction, leading to discomfort and sometimes necessitating knee replacement surgery.

The Types of Fixed Bearing Implants

Depending on the patient’s health condition and knee joint state, there are four types of fixed-bearing implants commonly used in knee replacement surgeries including:

  • Total knee replacement prosthesis

  • Partial knee replacement (unicompartmental)

  • Patella replacement (patellofemoral arthroplasty)

  • Complex knee replacement or revision

Your orthopaedic surgeon should help you decide on the most suitable option, taking your overall health profile into account.

Knee Replacement Surgery: Turkey vs. Other Countries

Patients often question, “Which country is best for knee replacement surgery?”. Turkey has become a favourable medical tourism destination due to several advantages it offers, like experienced medical professionals, well-equipped healthcare facilities, and cost-effective surgical options.

The knee replacement surgery cost in Turkey is significantly lower than in many Western countries. For instance, the knee replacement cost in the UK or the knee replacement in Germany cost can be quite high compared to that in Turkey. As such, the answer to “How much is a knee replacement in Turkey?” typically ranges from $6,000 to $15,000.

Why Choose Turkey for Your Knee Replacement Surgery?

Get the best in knee replacement surgery – and recover amidst Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage – for a complete healing experience. Here’s why you should choose Turkey as your destination for knee replacement surgery:

Save on Your Medical Expenses

Knee replacement surgery in Istanbul allows you to save up to 70%-95% on costs compared to the UK and US. Istanbul’s appealing cost of living conditions makes your treatment process financially comfortable.

Advanced Healthcare and Skilled Surgeons

Our world-class knee replacement surgeons, boasting elite training from premier institutions across the UK and the US, offer unparalleled surgical prowess. Furthermore, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and our staff is fluent in English to facilitate your patient journey.

Zero-Wait Times and Premium Accommodation

With no wait times for surgeries and comfortable, hotel-like accommodations within the premises, your stay in Istanbul is bound to be pleasant and stress-free.

Experience Istanbul’s Rich Culture

While recovering, take the opportunity to explore Turkey’s architectural gems like the Hagia Sophia Museum and Galata Tower, or shop at the Grand Bazaar.

Safety Standards and Surgical Risks

“Is it safe to have a knee replacement in Turkey?” – is a common concern among patients. We prioritize patient safety and adhere to stringent healthcare practices. The inherent risks associated with knee replacement surgeries are thoroughly discussed prior to the procedure.

Knee Replacement Post-Operation: Recovery at Home

Post knee replacement surgery, patients are guided through a recovery process, including gradual movement, wearing compression stockings, taking blood thinners, and performing breathing exercises.

Long-Term Results and Health Benefits

A successful knee replacement surgery contributes significantly towards an improved quality of life for patients, offering pain relief and enhanced mobility. The implants used in the knee replacement procedure last between 15-20 years.

In conclusion, for patients seeking the best country for knee replacement surgery, Turkey offers a promising answer. Avicenna International Hospital stands ready to serve your orthopedic medical needs. Feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations.


What is the cost of a knee replacement in Turkey?

The cost ranges between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the specifics of each case.

Is it safe to have a knee replacement in Turkey? 

Yes, Turkey retains strict medical guidelines and practices, ensuring high safety standards.

Which country is best for knee replacement surgery?

With advanced hospitals such as Avicenna International Hospital, experienced medical professionals, and cost-effective healthcare, Turkey has emerged as a preferred destination for knee replacement surgery for patients worldwide.


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