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Lip aesthetics play a significant role in defining attractiveness across cultures, with full and well-shaped lips often considered stunning. Poets and artists draw inspiration from the sensuous nature of lips, which are believed to reflect one’s sensual aspect. The iconic Cupid’s bow, representing the Roman god of sexual attraction, adds a distinctive charm to the upper lip with its double curve. The lips naturally become less plump as we age and start to show indications of ageing, such as thinning, loss of volume and contour, and the appearance of vertical lines. However, surgical and non-surgical methods offer effective solutions to address these concerns. They can also restore plumpness to the lips, rejuvenating natural beauty.


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Reasons to Have Lip Aesthetics

There are several reasons why you want to have a lip aesthetics operation. If you have thin lips or lips that are too large you may seek this procedure to enhance the overall beauty of your face. The operation reduces wrinkles above the lips and restores the natural shape of the lips. Additionally, by stimulating collagen production, the procedure revitalizes and improves the quality of the lips. This results in a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

What is Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics is a versatile procedure that focuses on achieving balance and enhancing facial beauty by addressing lip symmetry and contour issues. It is a treatment that can be performed through surgical and non-surgical methods, including lip plumping, to achieve a youthful and attractive appearance. The procedure aims to meet personal expectations, create an aesthetic result, and restore a functional and balanced lip structure. Additionally, lip aesthetics also offer solutions for various lip concerns, such as thin lips, thick lips, drooping lips, and wrinkles around the lips. With options like permanent makeup, injectable substances, and plastic surgery, individuals can achieve fuller lips, reduce the size of overly full lips, correct lip corners, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Suitable Candidates for Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics is suitable for you if you have shape concerns, such as thin or thick lips, and desire healthy and impressive lips. It is a popular choice and the physician carefully designs lips that complement the individual’s facial features and meet their expectations. If you are looking to add volume, enhance your natural beauty, or reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, lip aesthetics could be the right treatment for you.

Older individuals who want to close the gap between their lips and nose, as well as young adults who find fillers unsatisfactory, may also benefit from a lip lift, which provides long-term results and caters to different needs and preferences.

Lip Aesthetics Procedure

Lip aesthetics procedures offer various surgical methods to address lip concerns and achieve desired results. Three main methods include lip injections, lip operations, and changing the shape of the patient’s smile.

Lip Injections

Lip injections involve using filler materials or the patient’s own tissue to achieve a fuller look while maintaining the natural shape of the lips. This method is popular for enhancing lip fullness and contour without leaving any scars.

Lip Operations

Lip operations involve two surgical methods. The first method includes making incisions inside the mouth and filling the fleshy parts of the lips with material, increasing their visibility. The second method focuses on lifting the upper lip if you have thin lips or a larger distance between the lips and nose. Both methods can improve lip appearance and do not result in visible scarring.

Additionally, lip aesthetics procedures can also involve changing the shape of the patient’s smile. The Mona Lisa Smile and Canine Smile are two examples. The Mona Lisa Smile involves raising the corners of the mouth and the upper lip to show the upper teeth. The Canine Smile exposes the canine teeth before a full smile, which may not be desired by everyone.

Lip Augmentation

Various lip augmentation methods are available for individuals with thin lips or volume loss due to ageing. These methods include filling the lips with substances taken from the patient’s body or using filling materials. Another surgical option is the “LipLift” procedure, which involves elevating the upper lip by removing some skin from the base of the nose. The choice of method depends on factors such as age and individual lip tissue requirements.

There are two main techniques used in lip augmentation. Using the patient’s own bodily tissue and using synthetic grafts or dermal fillers. The patient’s own tissue, such as fat or dermis, can provide long-lasting results without allergic reactions. Synthetic grafts using hyaluronic acid injections or gels are also commonly used. These filters can be adjusted in terms of amount and given over a series of treatments. The effects last up to seven months. Other synthetic grafts like GORE-TEX and AlloDerm can also be used but carry a risk of rejection by the body.

Lip augmentation procedures offer benefits such as improved lip fullness, contour, and increased self-esteem. Whether it’s to address thinning lips, enhance facial features, or improve self-confidence, lip augmentation procedures can help individuals achieve their desired lip appearance.

After The Procedure

When undergoing lip aesthetics procedures, consider the recovery period and the duration of the enhancements. The lips are a sensitive area, so swelling and bruising are normal after the procedure. Typically, these side effects will disappear within 7-10 days.

You should avoid consuming hot or cold foods and beverages, as well as performing gestures that may strain the lips.

Using a straw for liquid foods can also help during the healing process.

Lip enhancements themselves are not typically painful, as the fine needle used for filler administration is combined with an anaesthetic.

Possible Complications

Lip aesthetics procedures bring several advantages, but it’s crucial to consider potential drawbacks and complications. Artificial fillers, commonly used in lip augmentation, are a temporary solution that requires regular replacements. Some individuals might exhibit side effects like erythema and discomfort during and after the treatment, mostly if the immune system reacts against the artificial filler. Achieving desired results could also require multiple treatments, which could add up to a high cost.

Moreover, lip lift, another lip aesthetics procedure, might present complications. Employing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can help mitigate these risks. Potential complications include scar formation, improper wound healing, the risk of blood loss during or after surgery, nerve injuries, and allergic responses to anaesthesia.

Bruising is a possibility after cosmetic lip augmentation, although it typically occurs rarely. These bruises usually subside naturally within 2-3 days.

Avicenna International Hospital offers professional lip aesthetics services to enhance your natural beauty. Our certified and skilled surgeons prioritize safety and satisfaction, delivering personalized care for each patient. Explore how we can help you achieve your desired lip aesthetic. Get in touch with us today.


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