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The penis enlargement surgery has grown into a multimillion-dollar business, selling a variety of supplements, lotions, devices, and even surgical treatments, with penis size being a typical source of worry for males.  Here we aim to delve into the types, effectiveness, and potential side effects of penis enlargement methods, also providing insights into the average penis length and girth. The pursuit of penis enlargement surgery, often driven by perception rather than need, can lead to unnecessary risks. While many men may feel dissatisfaction about their size, studies show that 85% of women are content with their partner’s size. This indicates satisfaction isn’t strictly tied to size. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide for men considering enhancement options and the potential implications.

What is Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement is an operation undertaken when the length of the soft penis, from the tip to the pubis, measures 7cm or less. Various methods such as injections, and penis enlargers were used for thickening and enlarging the penis, albeit with temporary results and possible adverse outcomes like skin irritation, infection or permanent damage. However, today’s scientific and technological advancements present an opportunity for a safer operation for those desiring enhancement.

Common misconceptions about “typical” penis size, often exaggerated, can fuel fears of inadequacy. The reality is most sizes are considered normal; a typical erect penis measures about 5 inches (13cm). Anything less than 3 inches (7.5cm) when erect is deemed small, a condition termed micropenis. Penis enlargement surgery is one method employed to increase penis size, typically focusing on its length, width. The term “penis enlargement” in general refers to any method aimed at increasing penis or erection size to its maximum. But it’s crucial to distinguish between increasing maximum size and aiding the achievement of maximum erection in those who struggle.

What Qualifies You for Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement surgery is generally considered for those with conditions such as micropenis or a buried penis, which heavily affect a person’s ability to perform standard penile functions. However, penis enlargement surgery might also be considered for individuals unsatisfied with the appearance of their penis, despite its normal functions and size. This dissatisfaction can lead to conditions such as Penile Dysmorphophobia Disorder (PDD) or Small Penis Anxiety (SPA).These potentially cause psychological stress, anxiety, and issues with erections.

Before proceeding with enlargement treatment, a thorough consultation is conducted to evaluate your candidacy based on expected results, underlying reasons for seeking treatment, the degree of concern about penis size, and your general health and anatomical considerations.

This analysis helps establish realistic treatment expectations and identify potential obstacles to successful outcomes.

How is The Surgery Performed?

Penis enlargement surgery, performed following a preliminary urology examination and conclusive tests, involves several steps targeting an increase in either the length, girth, or both, depending on your preference.

Injecting Fat Cells

Fat injecting techniques include injecting fat cells into the penis for an additional 2.39-2.65 cm girth. With possible side effects including swelling, scarring, lumpiness, and infection.

Biodegradable Scaffold

Additionally, a biodegradable scaffold is another experimental method to increase girth. The surgical option of ligament release increases the length of the penis by 1-3 cm; however, it may cause loss of support during an erection, affecting satisfaction rates.


Other surgical pathways include liposuction to remove fat from the lower abdomen, providing an illusion of a larger penis, or penis widening surgery by fat transplantation or implants. The latter may reabsorb 30% of the fat injected, potentially resulting in size reduction and shape deformity.

Penis Implant Surgery

Penis implant surgery is also a method, but it only focuses on improving erections and doesn’t increase size.

After Penis Enlargement Surgery

Following penis enlargement surgery, certain post-operative considerations are vital to ensure a successful recovery. The removal of stitches usually occurs between 7 to 10 days after the procedure. It’s common to expect swelling, bruising, and potential oedema, for which you should avoid oedema-inducing substances like alcohol and cigarettes until fully recover. Moreover, lifting heavy objects should be deferred for a minimum of two weeks. Tight clothing that could agitate the surgical area should be forsaken. The nature of the procedure performed will stipulate the duration of absence from work or school, and the length of time before resuming sexual activity, which, for more invasive procedures, could extend to six weeks.

Risks And Potential Complications of Penis Enlargement Surgery

The risks and potential complications of penis enlargement surgery vary by the chosen method. Side effects can range from

  • Distortion

  • Swelling

  • Infection

  • Damage to penile tissue

These could result in weaker erections, a necessity to repeat injections to maintain girth, heightened stress, and the potential loss of financial resources on ineffective treatments. Other considerable risks include

  • Adverse reactions to anaesthesia,

  • The need for additional surgery potentially resulting in a shorter penis,

  • The development of an unnatural shape due to scarring,

  • Loss of sensation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Infection

  • Dissatisfaction with results if the desired size isn’t achieved.

All surgeries are performed to minimize these risks. However, while rare, potential complications such as bleeding, tissue damage, localized infection, and anaesthetic concerns do exist. These concerns and potential dissatisfaction will be thoroughly discussed during the pre-operative consultation with the surgeon.

Are the Results of Penis Enlargement Surgery Permanent?

The results of penis enlargement surgery can be permanent, but outcomes may vary for each person. Some techniques, such as ligament release, can provide a permanent increase in length. While others, such as injectable fillers, may require periodic maintenance or touch-up procedures.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

The prices for penis enlargement surgery vary depending on factors such as the preferred hospital, the specific procedure to be performed, and the quality of the expert staff. You should consider the success and reputation of the doctor and hospital rather than focusing solely on low-cost options. The price of surgical care is assessed on a case basis, the operation type, the materials utilized, and the unique circumstances of each patient. Typically, the all-inclusive cost for penis enlargement surgery starts at £7000-10000.

For more information about penis enlargement surgery prices in Turkey and about the services provided at Avicenna International Hospital, contact us. Our team will address any questions or concerns you may have and can assist you in scheduling a consultation.


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