Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Mommy Makeover in Turkey

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Mommy makeover in Turkey has emerged as a transformative cosmetic surgery catering to women who have undergone pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Furthermore, this comprehensive procedure, encompassing a tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation, and liposuction, seeks to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body. Our commitment to excellence in every contour refined and every curve restored ensures that each guest’s vision of beauty becomes a living reality.

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Why Turkey for Your Mommy Makeover?

Turkey stands as a beacon of medical excellence, blending cost-effectiveness with high-quality healthcare. As a crucible of cultures, it also offers a convalescent retreat amidst historical grandeur and modern luxury.

Understanding Mommy Makeover Procedures

Pregnancy and breastfeeding undoubtedly bring about significant changes in a woman’s body. It’s not uncommon for women to experience increased breast size, abdominal expansion, stubborn fat deposits, and deflated breasts. While some women may have naturally resilient skin that allows their bodies to bounce back after pregnancy, many others find themselves seeking a Mommy Makeover to address these physical transformations.

What Is Mommy Makeover?

The core of a mommy makeover typically involves breast aesthetic procedures, tummy tucks, liposuction and vaginal rejuvenation. The surgeries address the various changes experienced during and after pregnancy, including breast enlargement, abdominal fat accumulation, and stretch marks. Turkey’s advantage lies in delivering comprehensive results in a single procedure, streamlining recovery times and providing women with the desired body image in one go.

The Mommy Makeover Goal

The overarching goal of a mommy makeover is to restore a woman’s body shape and appearance post-childbearing. Commonly targeted areas include the breasts, abdomen, waist, genitalia, and buttocks. The aim is not merely cosmetic; it also seeks to improve functional issues arising from post-pregnancy concerns, such as back pain and urinary incontinence. The procedure is tailored to individual needs, considering factors such as desired restoration, incision placement, and implant types.

The Significance of Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery Mommy makeover surgeries in Turkey are performed by highly experienced plastic surgeons utilizing advanced technology and techniques, ensuring safe and effective outcomes. The expertise and professionalism of these surgeons, coupled with cutting-edge medical facilities, provide the assurance and peace of mind that every patient seeks in such transformative procedures.

Affordability and Accessibility Turkey has emerged as a renowned destination for medical tourism, and Mommy Makeover is no exception. The cost of Mommy Makeover procedures in Turkey is notably lower compared to other countries, making it an attractive choice for mothers seeking to rejuvenate their bodies without compromising on quality.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

The Mommy Makeover is an umbrella term encompassing a series of procedures, each tailored to your restoration narrative.

Possible Procedures for a Mommy Makeover

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

Tummy Tuck – The Silhouette Sculptor

Amid abdominal stretches and contours altered by motherhood, the tummy tuck emerges as a redefining force, restoring firmness and form to your midsection.

Breast Aesthetics – Harmonizing Proportion and Grace

Breast surgeries, whether augmentations, lifts, or reductions, are performed with a delicate balance of artistry and clinical precision. This is inspiring to bring harmony and proportion to your natural silhouette.

Liposuction – The Finesse of Contouring

Liposuction is the finesse in the surgeon’s hand, sculpting away stubborn pockets of fat, resulting in a smooth, contoured body.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our suite of procedures includes discreet yet impactful vaginal rejuvenation, designed to instil confidence and restore comfort in your most intimate areas.

Aesthetic Augmentation

Your revivification may be complemented with buttock augmentation, a subtle lift that redefines the back’s contour, offering an elevated, more rounded appearance that harmonizes with your redefined physique.

Who Qualifies for a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover surgery is highly personalized, and candidates should be in good health, at their ideal weight, with a positive outlook and realistic expectations. A crucial factor is completing breastfeeding and waiting at least one year after delivery for optimal results. In addition, you need to have concluded your family planning. The surgery is not a weight loss solution but a body recontouring procedure.

Preparing for Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Before undergoing a mommy makeover, thorough preparation is essential. This may include lab testing, medical evaluations, adjustments to medications, smoking cessation, and avoiding certain drugs that could increase bleeding. The surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital or ambulatory setting, with follow-up procedures as needed.

Mommy Makeover Consultation

Surgical goals, medical history, and aesthetic aspirations are discussed during a mommy makeover consultation. The plastic surgeon evaluates the patient’s health, takes measurements, and recommends a course of treatment. This comprehensive discussion ensures a thorough understanding of the procedure, potential outcomes, and any associated risks.

Insight into Mommy Makeover Procedure and Recovery in Turkey

The Procedure in Detail A Mommy Makeover surgery in Turkey typically spans approximately 5 to 6 hours, conducted under the supervision of highly skilled surgeons and experienced medical teams. Each step of the process is meticulously planned to ensure optimal safety and efficacy.

The Steps of Mommy Makeover Procedure

The mommy makeover procedure involves two primary steps: anaesthesia administration for comfort during surgery and the actual surgical procedures tailored to individual needs. These may include breast augmentation, breast lift, buttock augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Postoperative Care and What to Expect

The postoperative period after a mommy makeover involves staying in the hospital for at least two nights, monitoring blood counts, and managing pain. Drains placed during surgery are removed gradually, ensuring a smooth recovery. Physical activity is encouraged to aid recovery, and the use of corsets is recommended for body contouring.

Mommy Makeover Recovery in Turkey

The recovery is as vital as the surgery, demanding attentive care and patience. Moreover, recovery can vary based on the individual and the procedures performed. On average, it is expected to return to routine daily activities within 2 weeks. Full recovery over the next several months. This process involves postoperative care, including gauze or bandages, elastic support for swelling, and specific instructions for wound care and medications. During the recovery swelling decreases, and the desired shape of breasts, abdomen, waist, genitalia, and buttocks gradually emerges.

In the initial week, support from a dedicated companion is crucial for comfort. As the weeks progress, swelling reduces, and energy increases. Additionally, top-tier medical facilities in Istanbul provide assurance. The comprehensive care package includes esteemed surgeons, hospital accommodation, private transfers, and personalized support. Moreover, the dedicated team in Istanbul ensures ongoing check-ups and emotional well-being. As the recovery process unfolds, it harmonizes with the cultural allure of Istanbul, making it a transformative haven.

Post-Operative Instructions

We craft a symphony of healing tailored to your procedure, with explicit instructions from medication regimens to wearing medical garments designed to hasten your recovery.

Mommy Makeover Scars

Scars after a mommy makeover are permanent, but their visibility can be minimized with proper care. Silicone gel or silicone drapes are recommended to fade scars gradually. The final results may take several months to fully manifest, but the improvement in self-confidence often outweighs any trade-offs.

Results from a Mommy Makeover

Expect significant improvements in body contour and appearance post-surgery. While some results are immediate, the full benefits unfold over the months as swelling subsides and the body settles into its new form.

Expert Craftsmanship in Turkey’s Plastic Surgery Realm

Turkey’s medical prowess is not a quiet secret whispered among those seeking aesthetic refinement; instead, it’s a globally recognized echo of quality and innovation. At the heart of this reputation is a network of highly skilled plastic surgeons whose expertise forms the bedrock of successful Mommy Makeovers.

Accreditation and Credentials

Our surgeons’ exemplary credentials, many holding esteemed memberships with EBOPRAS, ISAPS, and ASAPS, are the result of rigorous training and an unwavering commitment to adhering to international healthcare standards.

Advanced Surgical Techniques

Proficiency in the latest techniques is a promise, ensuring every procedure from tummy tucks to breast augmentations is performed with precision and care.

All-Inclusive Care that Surpasses Expectations

Avicenna Hospital stands as a beacon of comprehensive care, intertwining medical excellence with the warmth of hospitality. Ours is an all-inclusive package, crafted to ease your journey from start to finish. From internationally certified doctors renowned for their expertise to a post-op garment for enhanced recovery, every detail is thoughtfully arranged to ensure a successful healing process. Alongside accommodation discounts and VIP airport transfers, the dedicated support of an international patient host creates an environment of maximum comfort and reassurance throughout your medical travel journey.

The Financial Aspect

Acknowledging that cost is a decisive factor, Turkey’s Mommy Makeover offers not just competitive pricing but an unbeatable value proposition, blending quality with affordability. With prices ranging, depending on a confluence of factors from procedural complexity to surgeon expertise, we practice a transparent approach to costing.

Your Next Step: Avicenna International Hospital

Situated at the intersection of modernity and tradition, Avicenna International Hospital represents the pinnacle of Turkey’s medical Renaissance and extends an invitation for you to start on a life-changing journey with the Mommy Makeover. Moreover, rediscover your confidence and reclaim the body that reflects your inner vitality. The Avicenna International Hospital awaits to guide you on this rejuvenating journey. Therefore, contact us with a life-changing experience that transcends the ordinary. Let your new chapter begin with us.

Are the results of a Mommy Makeover permanent?

The results can be long-lasting if you maintain a stable weight, follow a healthy lifestyle, and do not have any more pregnancies. However, natural ageing will continue to affect your body over time.

When can I resume exercise after a Mommy Makeover?

Light walking is encouraged shortly after surgery to promote circulation. You can typically resume more strenuous exercises after 6-8 weeks but always consult with your surgeon for personalized advice.

How long will I stay in Turkey for Mommy Makeover?

The length of your stay can vary. But, you should expect to remain in Turkey for about 1-2 weeks for initial recovery and follow-up consultations.


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