Jaw Surgery in Turkey

Jaw Surgery in Turkey

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Experience jaw surgery in Turkey at the Avicenna International Hospital, catering to diverse orthognathic needs. Technically known as orthognathic surgery, this procedure has become a pivotal medical advancement in the realm of maxillofacial medicine. Moreover, Turkey, renowned for blending modern medical practices with cultural richness, offers state-of-the-art facilities. Here, individuals can access this transformative procedure, ensuring top-notch care and a holistic experience. Our expert teams, equipped with leading technologies at world-renowned facilities, are dedicated to delivering results that are not only functionally profound but aesthetically pleasing as well.

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Expertise in Jaw Surgery in Turkey

Customized Jaw Surgery for Optimal Aesthetics and Function

In Turkey, jaw surgery encompasses a variety of orthognathic procedures tailored to individual requirements. Through detailed consultations and cutting-edge techniques, we ensure each patient achieves both functional improvement and desired aesthetic enhancements. Trust in our dedicated professionals for a transformative journey.

A Comprehensive Approach to Orthognathic Surgery

Mapping out the specifics of jaw surgery in Turkey begins with profound understanding and precise execution. Our hospital leverages advanced diagnostics and collaborative expertise to deliver the most effective outcomes for those undergoing this surgery.

Advanced Surgical Techniques

Turkey’s medical proficiency is evident through the precision of surgeries undertaken. Whether it’s a maxillary osteotomy or genioplasty, the surgical manoeuvres are performed with the utmost precision. Furthermore, our approach seamlessly combines traditional techniques and modern innovations. For instance, the incorporation of bimaxillary osteotomy has shown a high success rate in dramatically improving facial aesthetics and jaw functionality. This integrative approach reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional results through a blend of time-tested methods and cutting-edge advancements.

Double Jaw Surgery Turkey

This complex surgical process, addressing both the upper and lower jaw, is performed with exceptional skill by Turkish surgeons. These experts harmonize function and aesthetics using meticulous techniques supported by state-of-the-art technology. Double jaw surgery in Turkey is not just about medical precision; it’s also about an integrated approach to patient care pre-and post-surgery, aiding in a smooth transition towards optimal healing and remarkable facial transformation.

Overbite Surgery Turkey

Addressing an overbite – a common orthodontic issue where the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth – is another area in which Turkish maxillofacial surgery excels. Overbite surgery in Turkey involves precise repositioning of the jawbones to achieve an optimal bite relationship and improve facial profile. Leveraging innovative surgical methods and customized treatment plans, Turkish jaw surgeons ensure improved oral function and enhanced facial symmetry for their patients, with the added benefit of often noticeable aesthetic improvement.

V Line Surgery in Turkey

V-line surgery, aimed at sculpting a slimmer, more contoured jawline, is a cosmetic procedure increasingly popular across the globe and expertly provided in Turkey. Here, skilled surgeons combine artistry with surgical precision to reshape the lower face, creating a refined V-shaped chin and jawline. Additionally, V-line surgery in Turkey is carried out with meticulous care, focusing on minimal scarring and natural-looking results that align with the patient’s facial proportions. This procedure underscores Turkey’s commitment to pioneering aesthetic enhancements through exceptional surgical care, solidifying its reputation as a global leader in cosmetic procedures.

The Stages of Jaw Surgery

Pre-Surgery Planning for Jaw Surgery

Prior to any intervention, jaw surgery candidates receive an all-encompassing plan, crafted to ensure seamless integration of each stage, promising a well-defined path towards recovery, bolstered by continuous support and guidance.

Recovery Post Jaw Surgery

Recovery from jaw surgery is underscored by a patient-oriented approach, aimed at facilitating a swift and comfortable healing process. With Avicenna International Hospital’s meticulous aftercare, patients regain their routine with confidence after post-jaw surgery in Turkey.

A Cost-Effective Path to Jaw Surgery in Turkey

Attainable Quality

Affordability meets quality in Turkey, where jaw surgery is proposed alongside a transparent pricing structure. This comprehensive approach encapsulates not just the medical procedure, but a complete experience of transformative care awaiting you in Turkey.

Jaw Surgery Turkey Price

Choose Avicenna International Hospital for your jaw surgery and immerse in a journey of unmatched medical expertise and compassionate care. Initiate your transformation with us, where your aspirations meet our commitment to excellence in orthognathic surgery.

Realizing the Potential of Jaw Surgery in Turkey

Our facilities in Turkey take pride in a high success rate in jaw surgery, as reflected by heartfelt patient testimonies. Moreover, embrace a new you with the backing of reputable certifications and profound industry recognition that distinguish our orthognathic surgery services in Turkey. This recognition underscores the reliability and excellence of our procedures, assuring patients of the transformative outcomes they can expect.

Best Jaw Surgeon in Turkey

When seeking the best jaw surgeon in Turkey, patients are directed towards a fusion of technical brilliance and compassionate care that the country’s medical experts are renowned for. Turkey’s top maxillofacial professionals are not only armed with extensive training and qualifications but are also celebrated for their innovative surgical techniques tailored to each unique patient case. Renowned for their contributions to the field of orthognathic surgery, these surgeons possess a track record of successful outcomes, stemming from their meticulous pre-surgical planning, precise execution in the operating theatre, and comprehensive post-operative care.

Avicenna International Hospital

Choose Avicenna International Hospital for your jaw surgery and immerse in a journey of unmatched medical expertise and compassionate care. Initiate your transformation with us, where your aspirations meet our commitment to excellence in orthognathic surgery.

For further information or to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your first step towards a new horizon begins here.

At what age is an individual eligible for jaw surgery?

In Turkey, jaw surgery is available to individuals starting from the age of 16, ensuring they have achieved skeletal maturity.

What is the level of pain post-surgery?

Pain is managed proactively with medication, with the intensity varying among individuals. Post-operative care is geared towards maximum comfort.

What success rate can one expect from maxillofacial surgery in Turkey?

The success rate with our hospitals stands at an encouraging 80%, showcasing the proficiency and advanced care practices in Turkey.


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