Assoc. Prof. Nail Erbek

Assoc. Prof. Nail Erbek



He was born in Kahramanmaras in 1946. Doctor Erbek graduated from Trabzon Cudi Bey Primary School in 1957 by completing primary school in various parts of the dormitory. He graduated in 1963 by completing middle and high school in Trabzon High School. In the same year, He started at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and graduated in 1969. In October of 1969, He was appointed to Bingöl Central Health Center. After 4 months, he was assigned to the Karlıova Health Center. In 1971, he worked in Erzurum Veyis Efendi Health Center. He started specialization in the Pediatrics Department at Ataturk University Cukurova School of Medicine in the next year.

In August 1976, he received his M.D in Pediatrics Health and Diseases from Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine. On the same date, he started his short-term military service in Ankara Etimesgut and completed it at Adana Military Hospital. October 1976 He was appointed as Chief Assistant to Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Hematology.


Dr. Nail Erbek worked on bone marrow transplantation at the Royal Hospital of Sick Children-Glasgow in England between October 1979-1981. He became an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in May 1984. Erbek took part in the Board of Directors of Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine for 1 year. He started working at Adana SSK Hospital in February 1985. He left after 8 months. Later, he worked as the Chief doctor of a private hospital that he established for 2 years.


Between 1985-2000, he worked as a Consultant Associate Professor of the Pediatrics and Hematology Department. He set up a private imaging laboratory in 1990. He has 18 national publications and papers in various congresses.

  • Soft Tissue Diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Microscopic polyangiitis, Lupus, Marfan syndrome, etc. )
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Renal System
  • Meningitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Hematological Diseases
  • Chemotherapy and Oncology
  1. Associate Professor Thesis: Plasma Beta-Thromboglobulin Levels in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Losemias and Solid Tumors ADANA-1981
  2. Kümi M, Erbek N, Kılınç Y: Screening of laboratory findings of patients with sickle cell anemia in Çukurova region (Journal of Ç.U Medical Faculty Y: 1981)
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  12. E. Acartürk S.Güneşer G.T Yüreğir, A.Çürük, Nail Erbek ”Carrolation of blood pressure and obesıty ın chıldren” XII. World Congress of Cardiology and XVI. Congress of European Society of Cardiology, Europan Heart Journal, 1994
  13. Mustafa Tunga, Tolga Altuğ Şen, Nail Erbek Familial Mediterranean Fever: Presentation of five cases. Kocateğa Medical Journal (2001): 2, 100-107
  14. Erbek N., Altuğ Şen T, Knowledge level of married women about family planning Kocatepe Medical Journal (Accepted)
  15. Tolga Altuğ Şen, Mustafa Tunga, Nail Erbek, İsmet Doğan, Erol Kınık The relationship between bone age and body-mass index in boys. Kocatepe Medical Journal (2002): 3,37 / 41
  • National Pediatrics Association
  • Hematology Association
  • 1976:    17th Turkish Pediatrics Congress (Erbek N. CMV infection and IgM levels in the neonatal period). Izmir
  • 1979:   18th Turkish National Congress of Pediatrics (Kümi M, Seçen A, Erbek N: Severe Hemolytic Crisis in the Pattenden’s with G-6-PD Deficiency in Cukurova Province). Istanbul
  • 1989:   19th international congress of pediatrics (Güneşer S, Acatürk E, Erbek N, Çürük Ma, Burgut R. Atherosclerosis risk factors in 9 years old children in the Cukurova Province of southern Turkey). Paris
  • 2002:    IV. National Hypertension and Kidney Diseases Congress (Çiğdem Gökçe, Serap Demir, Tülay Köken, Gülnihal Tufan, Tolga Altuğ Şen, Ender Ellidokuz, Afşin Kundak, Nail Erbek Comparison of creatinine clearance calculation methods based on instant serum samples in Turkish children). Antalya
  • 2003:    Turkish Pediatrics Congress (Tevfik Demir, Tolga Altuğ Şen, Ömer Doğru, Nail Erbek. Penile Involvement in henoch- Schonlein purpura). Cappadocia
  • 2003:    Turkish Pediatrics Congress (Ömer Doğru, Tevfik Demir, Mustafa Kulaç, Tolga Altuğ Şen, Nail Erbek. Toxic epidermal necrolysis: A Case report). Cappadocia

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