2022 Weight Loss Surgery Options

2022 Weight Loss Surgery Options

Weight loss surgery is offered for those who need to lose weight. Losing weight is challenging since not every person’s body is suitable for physical activity or diet. Weight loss operation, often known as bariatric surgery is a great alternative for those who feel losing weight is challenging. Surgeries work by reducing the size of the stomach and decreasing digestion. It is a suggested method for severely obese people or those with a body mass index of more than 35.

There are various techniques of weight loss surgery. The ideal surgery for weight loss is determined by different factors. You should consult with your surgeon to determine which type of surgery is best for you. so, choosing surgery to assist you in a weight-loss program might be a transformative choice. The options below represent over 90% of all bariatric surgeries.

Weight Loss Surgical Options

Surgeons often do four types of surgery.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss Operation

The sleeve gastrectomy is a quick and safe weight loss operation. In the last years, sleeve gastrectomy has become the leading weight loss procedure. It is a procedure in which doctors make the stomach into the shape of a sleeve. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The procedure is done laparoscopically or by inserting a tube that connects the esophagus to the stomach. The surgery might remove 75% of the stomach. As a consequence, the stomach shrinks, and you cannot eat much food.

Gastric bypass is popular as the gold standard, but sleeve gastrectomy, a less invasive procedure with nearly identical results, is gaining popularity.

Gastric Bypass

It is one of the most popular types of weight-loss operations. It is also a method for decreasing food consumption by realigning the digestive system. This operation can reduce weight by 60 to 80 percent in 12-18 months. The stomach and small intestines are altered during the gastric bypass surgery procedure. The food here moves in a different direction, and the stomach no longer has enough space to keep food. It is advised that patients take vitamins following surgery to replace their mineral deficiencies after the surgery.

Gastric Band

It is considered the safest weight loss surgery method. In this operation doctors put a silicone band around the top region of your stomach, reducing its size by around two-thirds. The procedure’s purpose is to limit the amount of food you can eat. In addition, Weight loss takes longer and is more gradual with this method. You might lose weight, but not as much as with other surgical methods. Its benefits are that the operation is reversible, with no long-term effects on the stomach, is less invasive, and has a decreased risk of complications.

Gastric Balloon

Extensive weight loss surgery is not suitable for everyone.  If diet and exercise aren’t working and your BMI isn’t high enough to require surgery, a less invasive weight reduction surgical alternative is an intragastric balloon system, which involves inserting a silicone ball filled with saline into the stomach. The intragastric balloon makes the patient eat less. It is also suitable for severely obese people who need to lose weight before surgery.

An intragastric balloon, like some other weight-loss procedures, requires living a healthier lifestyle. To ensure the procedure’s long-term efficiency, you must change your diet and include exercise in your daily routine.

Last Words

For more detailed information about weight loss surgical methods including Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Gastric band, and Gastric balloon you can visit related pages.

You can find out about the weight loss surgery costs in Turkey at Avicenna International Hospital and abroad on the weight loss surgery cost page or just fill out the form at Avicenna weight loss surgery Center. Generally, weight loss surgery in Turkey is less expensive than in other countries while the quality is not lower and provides all standards. Our costs include a support package that contains medical examination and support before and after the procedure, analyses, diet program, hospital stay costs if needed, and follow-ups during hospitalization. Besides, you will have a translator during all processes. We also provide transportation services and discounts on stay expenses.

Avicenna Weight loss surgery Center also provides you the chance to consult our surgeons for choosing the best method by considering your health condition. You should just fill out the form and our team will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weight loss surgery?

When researchers compared two of the most popular weight-loss operations, they discovered that sleeve gastrectomy is safer than gastric bypass.

What is the fastest weight-loss surgery?

Lap band or Gastric band surgery is the least invasive weight-loss surgical treatment, with the shortest recovery period. On the other hand, this procedure has an outpatient time of 30-60 minutes, and patients can return to work within a week.

How can I know whether I’m a good candidate for weight loss surgery?

If you are overweight and experiencing poor health conditions because of your weight, you may be suitable for weight loss surgery. A BMI of over 40 or 35 with high blood pressure and diabetes, are indicators. You can calculate your BMI by the Avicenna BMI calculator.

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