Causes Of Mouth Bleeding During Sleep

Causes Of Bleeding From The Mouth During Sleep

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Internal medicine specialists at Avicenna Hospital, AtaƟehir, talked about bleeding in the mouth during a night’s sleep and the reasons for this.

Bleeding from the mouth during sleep creates discomfort for anyone who experiences this condition. The feeling of anxiety at such a moment is completely natural. Various serious diseases can occur as a result of this condition. The disease can be determined by the density and colour of the blood. A visit and consultation with a specialist in internal medicine are mandatory when you feel bleeding in the mouth during sleep.


  • Stomach disorders: In general, the most common cause is stomach diseases. Blood is known to come from the mouth, especially in stomach ulcers. When bleeding as a result of stomach diseases, the colour of the blood is dark red or brown.
  • Cancer disease: In general, if there is cancer of the digestive system, the damage to the body gradually increases and spreads. This can cause bleeding in the mouth during sleep. Bleeding can be progressive.
  • Throat irritation: Irritation and sores in the throat can cause bleeding in the mouth during sleep. The rate of bleeding increases with increasing damage. A strong cough can increase bleeding.
  • Trauma: As a result of neck and head hits, various injuries can occur and blood can come out of the mouth. When faced with such a situation, you should go to a doctor, because if left untreated, the damage will increase and can lead to bleeding in the mouth during sleep.
  • Bleeding gums: Bleeding from the gums and teeth is another cause that can lead to nighttime bleeding in the mouth. Mini-haemorrhages that continue throughout the night can cause blood to build up in the mouth.
  • Upper respiratory tract diseases: Diseases originating from the lungs can also cause bleeding. Serious examples such as abscesses, tuberculosis, tumour, or cancer can be seen.

How to treat mouth bleeding?

First, it is important to visit a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will make the diagnosis of the disease. After this, the treatment will be planned according to the disease. Anyone who encounters a bad situation such as bleeding from the mouth during sleep should see a doctor without wasting time because the reasons can be very serious.


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